Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

This is a letter my mom wrote to me this morning. 

Hi Lou, I'll have to write a letter tomorrow at the mission office. The power just went out again. Three days in a row. So I need to save the power in the computer. I was just ready to download pictures, so hopefully I can do that soon. I love Sundays, but hate them also. I have too much time to just think about my family and I then miss everyone so much. This coming week we have one month down. I'm going to celebrate and go for a walk outside of our compound. Dad is searching for good food to eat. So we stop at every market there is. He is having serious withdrawals from Fox News. I believe that we're getting a satellite dish this week. The boredom is killing him. We have a new generator outside, but it smokes so much and is so loud, the other homeowners will complain. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a new one. I love the older "Lds Charities" couple that live next door. They go back home in December. I will miss them. They have been so helpful and kind. I might even try to move into their flat. It is much nicer than ours and I just love it. It would take us 30 minutes to move, we've really not moved into this place. It's kind of like camping. Just knowing that I'll be heading back home soon. We had two missionaries leave the field early this week. that brings down the spirit of the work. I know this because I work in the office. We had church today and I'm officially called as the pianist. I play a keyboard. Then we are also called to teach the temple prep class. Our branch president and his family are the only ones sealed in the temple. So there is a lot of work to do.  We  just hope that he isn't sending people away from the branch, he is very forceful when he speaks, and points his finger at others. I found a cake mix, betty crocker, in the store yesterday. It was $7.58 for a box . I could buy one for less than that. We went to the animal park yesterday we have pictures. I was very disappointed, no lions, elephants or the exciting animals. But it was the African feel. This city is so dirty. Another picture we'll send, is of a road crew. They are using picks to take out the old asphalt and shoveling it out to replace with a new road, I'm sure they aren't union workers. We went to a baptism yesterday. A family of four were baptized. That was really something. The parents were confirmed this morning, didn't see the boys in church. Then the mother left after sacrament. Still a lot of work to do. I'm also teaching the R.S. President how to play the piano. Thank you Lorraine for the book. It will be helpful to this branch. Well the mission president and wife are back tomorrow from interviews with the missionaries, so it will be stressful for me. I just don't know what I'm doing yet. I love my smart phone. Just need to permanently get one, and also a truck. Hope and pray that you're all doing well. We figure if anyone wants to Skype on a Sunday night, we'll be home. Sitting in the dark, or on the computer. Love to hear and see everyone. hope Cousin craig's wedding was a success. His new bride is very cute. Russ, you and Christine need to send us a note to tell us you're doing well. We love you all and the pictures will be coming. I love the primary picture. The kids are cute and the babies in our branch are so cute and fat. I just stare at them, crazy white lady. Just to let you know, dad is still dad! You all know what I mean. Love you, and miss you. Love MOM


 Ok, the power is back on and here are a few pictures. Also, Alan put more on drop box. Mom and dad, ask aunt leslie to help you get dropbox on your computer. We'll accept anyone. All this new technology stuff is giving me a headache. I love the rotating plastic seatcover in the restroom in London airport. Every time you flush, it gives you new plastic to sit on. Clever! After we took the pictures of the primary children this afternoon, they rushed up to us to see themselves on the camera, then they giggled and laughed at their picture. I loved this. I think I'll have to take candy next week for them. I marvel at the women here. They are so strong.They strap a baby on their backs and have something on their heads and carry something in their hands. I just can't believe it. Ok another email is in the works. Love Joy

The first picture was of a road crew yesterday. They were using picks and shovels to remove this section of road. The use of manual labor was something, but that is Zimbabwe. Somethings are not modern. Next picture was of a family of four before their baptism at theDomboshava branch, outside of the city of Harare.The elders and other ward members all wanted to get their pictures taken with the family. Just need to keep them active in the church... Next is of large animals at the Mashonaland wildlife preserve in Harare. These animals came up to the fence and ate for a few minutes and then ran off. The zebras we could see, but didn't show up in the camera, also a large giraffe. I couldn't tell you what they are. But they have long straight horns that stick straight up on their heads...Elder Hermansen is with the zone leaders, they are the ones that taught the family that got baptized. The elder on the left , Elder Chegede, just arrived from Sierra Leone mission. They are great missionaries and really care about the people. The Elder in the middle, Elder Maungo, speaks really good English, we can understand him. Then the elder on the end, complains a lot because there isn't fox news to watch and listen to.   Love Joy

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  1. Your parents look well and blessed that they are on a mission. We all miss them but this is where they are suppose to be in their lifes. Give them our best and love. Ron and Rachel Jacobsen