Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year

 Hello family."
I can't believe that this is 2015. When I was in high school, I could never imagine that I could live this old and be here for 2015. To think here in Africa!!! I loved reading all the Christmas messages about your gatherings and family activities. They all sounded wonderful, and thank you for the cards and well wishes. Yesterday I received a package from my parents. They mailed it on October 14, and almost 3 months later it has arrived and un opened. That was a miracle. We were thrilled to receive it and thank you mom and dad for sacrificing to send us a package.It was wonderful to see everyone through Skype. I love Skype, such a gift from heaven. We did have a Christmas that we'll never forget. Very low key and no rush or panic to speak of. rather nice,but we just missed our families and friends. I can't remember what I've written in regards to last two weeks, so I hope I don't repeat myself. I hate to repeat myself!
Last weekend we had a great baptism at the little branch we attend. It was a family of four people. The lady had lost her husband in 2011 and was raising their two sons, and then her father lived with them and he;d lost his wife. They were so happy to hear the gospel message and that they would some day live with their spouses again in heaven. They want to save to go to the temple someday and be sealed as a family. This family is really pooor. They live in a mud house, and since it's been raining a lot, their house leaks. I just hope the walls are still standing and they haven't collapsed. On our way to church on Sunday, the thatched roofs on some homes had collapsed and the walls had crumbled. The corn, maze, is so tall and it's really growing good. They plant bean plants next to the root of the corn stalks, so the beans go up the corn stalks. They plant two in one! Also on Saturday before the baptism, we saw families out in the corn fields hoeing out the weeds, in the rain. It is definitely a family affair when you are in need of food.
At the baptism the elders brought the baptismal font into the chapel. it was rather cool to see this huge font in the chapel. Africans don't like cold, water and heat! The elders thought that if they move it inside then the water might not be so cold, it was very cold.
We've back to being busy again in the office. We've got a lot of sick missionaries, so they need constant help. President is turning over to me, the duties of being the mission nurse. I don't think I'll do well at that. I've already told one missionary, that the only way he can go to the hospital is if he has a broken bone, or this body is bleeding really bad. I could be really hated here!
That is cool about the new Payson temple president, he's from Elk Ridge. we've met him and his wife. They seem to be nice people, Can't wait to attend the temple when we get back.
I forced Alan to go shopping with me last Saturday. It was really raining and I just had to get out and see something and spend some money. WE went to this flea market area, m ost shops had packed up everything because of the rain, but we went in. WE had to use our umberellas even inside of the place and water several inches deep when we walked. I was working this one shop owner on a great deal, then came these ladies from Pakistan. they totally ruined the shopping experience for me and I left. I don't like pushy people when it comes to shopping. AS we were leaving the place, I accidently knocked over a tray of rings. Of course the store owner wouldn't just accept an apology. He want'ed money for the rings. I was so mad , ( shouldn't have been), that I paid him 10 dollars for two rings. The stones had been knocked out of the rings when they dropped on the ground. They were really ugly rings, but I paid them and threw them in my purse and stormed out. It didn't act very Christ like, not a great example for others. I kept thinking later how Christ has paid the price for each of us here in our life. I just need to act better and move on and act better. WE really love the missionaries in the office. They are the best, and they'll only be there for another transfer and then we'll get some new ones.
WE hope the cold isn't doing any harm to anyone. Lindsay how are the basement pipes, have you checked them lately? Hate to hear about the power going out. That is a normal accurance here. Hope youre all doing well, we wish every one a very merry Christmas. The Africans here don't say, Happy New year. They say best confidence, or something like that. Also the trunk of your car Is called "the boot". I'm rambling so, Happy New year, everyone and our prayers are for each of you and your families. WE love you all
Love Elder A and Sister H.

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