Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Sunday

Hello family:
Well, we've really had a great day today, and it's not even finished. Hope to get to see and talk with you guys tonight. Today our mission branches added two more branches. We drove 1 1/2 hours out of the city, the opposite direction from last Sunday. We went to a small community called Bindura. The drive was really something. We saw farms, grass huts, ladies bathing their kids in a river and then doing their laundry in the same water. We saw 3 ladies carrying the most beautiful plastic containers on their heads. I'm sure they had water in them. They were so colorful in their dress and the containers matched what they were wearing. One was green, blue, and yellow. Just wish I could of taken a picture. This area also had acres of orange groves. They smelled so sweet and reminded me of California. We saw people out gleaning the corn fields and trying to cultivate dirt with only a hoe. We finally arrived into Bindura, and it's a mining community plus farming. They mine for gold! Just wishing for a little.
We got to the Church building and it was awesome. We were greeted by 6 sister missionaries, and then by 5 elder missionaries as we walked into the chapel. It was so reverent. so not like the states. No prelude music just members waiting for church to start. The two branches that meet there were being divided and making 3 branches. I counted around me and there were 240, but I don't know how many members were in back of us.
Everyone was dressed in their best, they were just so glad to be at church. Today the prayers were really neat to hear. They prayed for those who were in the hospitals, in jail and those who were to speak. Since they don't have anyone to play the piano, the chorister just sang 3 measures of the song, and then we all start at the beginning. Love it!
The meeting was filled with strong testimonies of the prophet Joseph Smith, how he was an instrument in the Lord's hand in restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a real sacrifice for these people to get to church. One lady after church told me that she and her husband walk 17 km each way to church and they do it every week. So we took pictures of the new branch presidency and then drove to the other branch meetings. There were two branches that were being divided also. This meeting was held in a school auditorium. I bet there were about 350 members to this meeting. The new branch they formed had the most members stand up. The new branch president has only been a member for 4 months. The church is growing very fast here in Zimbabwe.
We had to compete for sound again with another church. They had loud singing again, and loud music. Just really makes it hard to listen to anyone's testimony let alone the sacrament. The spirit was extremely strong in the meetings this day. Our mission President is a very spiritual man, and he really has a vision for the church in Africa. There are 16 missionaries serving in this little area, they baptize on a regular time frame.
 On our way home we took with us Sister Cook and President Chesa. He is a counselor in the mission presidency. What a sharp young man. He's 34, a counselor in the mission presidency, has served in a stake presidency when he was 26. Works for the church, family and just a bright man. We think he'll be the next mission president. He told us about different things in Africa, while we were driving back to the city. he told us about the government in Zimbabwe, killer snakes in  Zimbabwe, his opinion about why people burn the countryside every year (because it's a tradition). Today was a special treat. I needed this experience, it helped me understand why we are here. We all come from a loving heavenly father and he wants us all to be happy, but it's only through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Yesterday we worked many hours in the mission office, yes, on our P-day. We broke away in the late afternoon. Elder Alan wanted all day to go for a walk, so I said yes, lets do it now. So we went for a walk. We walked so far, got lost, had to use our GPS on our smart phones to find our way home. I have to say, I wasn't happy, just tired and just wanted to get back to our flat and relax, but we still needed to buy groceries and get gas for the truck and the generator.
Before we came out here, I've had a scene in my mind. A lady on the side of the road selling fruit. I've thought that I should help this lady in some way. Well, we get here, and there is a lady selling fruit and veggies on every corner street. Am I suppose to help all of them? I just don't know!
We got a treat to see the mission president's home this afternoon.  Like I said, we took sister Cook home from Bindura, so we went in to see their home. Wow, it's so nice and new. 4 bedroom, 3 baths, and just really nice. It's in a gated area, only 2 years old. The church makes their home really nice. Really made me miss our home in Elk Ridge. Their home is air conditioned, huge generator which automatically comes on  when the power goes off, big new kitchen and a dishwasher. We are back in our cave, but would never covet a mission presidents life! A busy and hard life.
We finally have next Saturday free,  we are going to the White Lion and Tiger Reserve. I just can't wait. Lots of pictures for sure.
We hope that you're all doing well. So fall is approaching? Best time of the year. Lindsay and Curtis, keep the trick or treater's off the new grass. Put up yellow caution tape every where, or pray that it snows and is really an ugly day. Maybe they'll stay home. I see that BYU is doing very well in football. Maybe this will be their year to do some unbelievable things. On Friday and Saturday we had the Church Public relations people in our office. They are getting everything ready for our October treat from Elder Cook. What ever happened to "just having an apostle just show up"! There is so much planning and stuff going on. I'll be ready for a vacation after they leave. If they go on a safari, I want to go with them!!!!
I broke down and purchased a $5.75 dollar cake mix, yes it was a Betty Crocker brand. I'm saving it for a very special occasion. Natalie Dahl is very inspirational. I'll have to get involved with her diet workout before I come home.
 On the 30th we have transfers' in the mission. We'll have 7 new missionaries. then in November we get 4 new ones. We are way over 200 missionaries. Our allotment is 147, but after that we won't be having any come in and a lot leaving in February.
We are  hoping that every one is healthy and doing well. We'll be home before you all know it, and some of you will wish we would go away for another stay.
I did not get my hair cut. On Thursday it was a very slow day in the office, so I called the lady and asked her, "Can I move my appointment up?" Thinking that I could get in to see her earlier on Thursday. She moved my appointment up, to MONDAY!!!! There is a different way to communicate and I'm learning their English way.
Russ and Christine, sure hope you can sell your car and the moving plans are working out. Rob and Whit, I just love the pictures of Hailey. Stay away from those California fires. Love the grass at the other Hermansen home (Chris and Kristine).
Parents, hope you're all doing well and staying out of trouble. The jacaranda trees are coming in bloom. They are every where. That is the tree we had in our front yard that dropped purple flowers every where (our flag pole tree). Dad is watching some weird TV show and it's really loud!!  We get all the African news. We hear about the Ebola problems and just pray that they don't come our way. I'm going to try to make cookies one last time tonight. They just don't turn out at all. I'm still making mistakes right and left in the mission office. trying to get the baptismal records up to date. Can't figure out a long distance phone call on our phone system, and the assistance lost their key to the office.(Can't wait to hear all that in the office tomorrow morning, they are already in hot water).
Now I'm rambling, we love you all and pray for you all daily.
Love always, MOM

PS. This is Lindsay. My mom got her hair cut and she loves it, in case any one was wondering about that.

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