Friday, September 26, 2014

First Car Accident

Hi all:
Well, your dad's motto is: Drive to Survive!!!
 Yes he's gone very local with his driving. Last night was our first fender bender, and not our fault. The lights are always out when we drive back to our home. The intersections are just jammed packed with cars. Well, we were approaching this horrible clogged intersection and I could see this man was stuck right in the middle (oh yes, the lights were working last night). This man was trying to get out of the intersection before it turned red, but he was stuck in the middle. We were able to turn left on to the road, the light was yellow, so we did. Just as we got on to the road, this man, who was stuck in the middle of the intersection came speeding by and shaking his finger at us and we could tell he was upset. He pulled right in front of us and then slammed on his brakes and stopped. We could do nothing but run into the back of him. He got out and started using the worst language ever. He came up to Alan's side and just flew into him. Good old mother bear that I am, started back into him and said that we did not go on a red light, it was yellow and we had the right of way. That didn't help the man's temper. So Elder Alan, said that we should call the police, because we were blocking traffic. The man got so upset at the idea of the police coming he yelled some more and got in his truck and drove off. Swerving in and out of traffic. That really ruined the spirit of the day. He really dented and tore off one side of our license plate. We had to tie it on with string when we got back. That man was so upset, the funny thing is that he's a white Zimbabwean, with an attitude!!! Just hope we don't run into him ever again.
     We are doing fine and, I just wanted to tell you LOU, to have a great day at the Doctors office tomorrow. We are praying that you're doing well and Owen is healthy and strong. We might ditch the branch baptism on Saturday, so we can visit the Lions place. Sure hope you all stay in touch and are doing well. Hey when you send us our package, send it UPS. Put Jesus stickers on all the seams. Then they won't cut Jesus's picture open to see what's in the package. Just use the middle size box, or less. Well, conference is just a week away. I can't believe that it's coming so soon. We won't get to view it until the 25 and 26 of October, maybe sooner. We have 8 new transfer's coming on Tuesday, not that many but we're getting all prepared for the day. Transfer's are always busy, missionaries coming to see each other, getting their mail and moving into a new place. These Zimbabweans always ask if they have any mail, they never do. My heart goes out to them. So I give them candy. Not a very good trade off.
 We love you all, and hope you're all doing well. Russ tell us if you get a place to live in Pennsylvania. Robert, another truck????? Almost two months down, and counting..... Love always MOM

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