Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lion and Cheetah Park

Hi Family and all:
Tonight, is wonderful. For the last 5 days I've not been able to get on the internet. We've not had any service and I've been very grumpy. I love communicating with people that I love. So I opened up Facebook, and I watched my dad talk about the Glen Canyon Dam. Talk about tear flowing, just to hear dad's voice has meant so much. Thanks dad for doing the interview. I loved every bit of it.... Then to read the emails, was wonderful. Thank you so much for thinking of us. Lindsay, dad read me your email about your last doctors appointment. Just can't wait to meet Owen. Sounds like he'll be very active and keep you running in circles for years to come (maybe some pay back). Lorraine, how's the new house? Post some pictures so we can all see. I'm sure it's really beautiful.
 Well, we've been busy as usual, and the power is always out, as usual.
Last Saturday we took the day off. We went to the Lion and Cheetah park that is close by. We made a mistake and went during the middle of the day. Lions don't move in heat!! It was a park that you drive around and look at the animals. Yes, we were in the cage (truck) and they were in the wild. We saw some really huge lions and lioness. The teeth and paws on those animals were really something to see. Since the lions were so sleepy, we were entertained by the monkeys. They were in the trees, so we decided to feed them our lunch, so little cookie biscuits. Only one monkey was smart enough to slide down the tree and feast on the cookies. Then I threw out a potato chip. The monkey got it and put it in one hand, then with it's other hand it brushed it off. Then it switched hands and brushed off the other side of the chip. It wasn't a very good chip, so it only took a small nibble then continued to brush off the chip. It was so funny to watch. So we left the lion enclosure and drove to watch the giraffes, antelopes, ostrich, zebras, and other big horned animals. It was awesome. The giraffes walked right in front of our truck. We could see the spots on the baby giraffe and see how beautiful these creatures really are. The zebras don't like the heat either, they were just standing and not moving. We drove right up to them and they just stood there. It's correct, no two zebras are alike. Their stripes are there but some are small and thin and others are big and beefy.  Then we went in to a little zoo area, and saw more lions sleeping, two white lions, a bunch of baboons that were just wandering around the zoo. It was nice and something that was really an African adventure. I took some pictures of the rocks and trees, We are fascinated with the landscape around here.
 We gave out our first church pamphlet yesterday. It was to our gate guard. He saw my missionary tag and he said, "I want one of those tags". I said to him he'd have to earn it! We talked for a while and then gave him a missionary booklet, about the restoration. He told us that he wanted to join a church that believes in the same Jesus Christ, that created all people. The same that was in the bible and that there is only one Jesus. We told him we did believe in the same Jesus, that created the world and created all people of all colors. When we went home that evening, we gave him a Book of Mormon and more pamphlets, to give to his friends. It's amazing how ready these people are to have the true gospel of Jesus Christ come into their lives. It really makes perfect reasoning to have the gospel upon the earth now.
This morning I gave out another  church magazine to a man who just wandered into the office, he was looking for reading glasses. We just happened to have some on hand to give out to people. He said after his vacation he'd come back so the Elder missionaries can come and talk to him about his questions. Then there are many who just turn their backs to us. Just regular life.
Last Friday we had a miracle angle come to our office. It was the lady who was from the U.S.Embassy. Her name is Megan from Idaho. She didn't forget me, and brought a bag of goodies. A case of A&W root beer, salsa, tortilla chips, Bisquick mix, and pancake syrup. I took a picture of them, to remind me to be nice to other people. We shared our root beer with our neighbors, they had vanilla ice cream that wasn't melted.
We are doing well and I'm glad we're really busy, so I can't think of home, but I do. Mom and dad, it sounds like fall has arrived. I'm sure you're getting stocked up with wood for the winter season. Dad hope you can plant your fields and the rain stops for a while. Are you going out on the deer hunt? So glad you went to the Homecoming parade. I remember just a few, the bonfires that we use to have and all those good memories of long ago.
We now have over 200 missionaries in the mission. Our mission board is almost full, no more space for pictures. Our mission president and wife are getting ready to pass the mission life over to a new presidency in July. Their family is coming out during the holidays so we won't have much to do. Now we have to find something to do during that time.  We are so excited to hear about all the babies that will be coming soon, to the Chamberlain family. It is growing with numbers, yeah!!!
Lindsay don't complain about the spiders in the basement. We have a lizard in our bedroom. I saw it one night, and I've not seen it since. I just throw back the covers and check real close and pray that it doesn't run over me in the night time. I do hope you all enjoy conference this weekend. We might get to read some of it later during next week. We get to watch it on the 25th weekend. Tell us if they announce a temple here in Zimbabwe, ok? How was women's conference? We just don't get that good of reception on the internet, and it costs a lot of money for us.
The church is spending a lot of money sprucing up church buildings and yards, for our big show to Elder Quinten L. cook and many other church leaders. It is needed and it looks great. The weather is getting really warm. It still is dark at 6pm every day, and light about 6am. I did get my hair cut, and it was so over due. now I just need to remember how to get back to the same lady, so she can do it again.
On Sunday morning our little branch had another baptism. A lady about my age was baptized. She told me that she had a dream, that two white people came to see her. They stopped at her fence and talked with her about religion. She told me that her dream made her feel good for days. Then our two missionaries stopped by her house and started talking with her about religion. She knew it was a sign from God, that this was the church she should  join and study about. She is really a sweet lady. she is caring for her late sister's two young daughters. They are 11 and 8 years old. This lady has never had children, so she is now a mother and she loves it. This lady lives out in the bush, and it's very primitive how these people live. I'm picking up a few Shona words, but it's nothing impressive.
We do hope you're all doing well. We love you and pray for you all always. Our address is: Elder and Sister Hermansen, 65 Enterprise Road, Highlands Harare, Zimbabwe. I get to type up the new missionaries testimonies for their files. Today I typed the most humble testimonies. They are thankful for their trials, life, and their humble circumstances. They know that God has answered their prayers, because he has given them life and food each day, let them feel warmth when they were cold. They have such a humble and powerful testimony of the Savior. They have taught me to be more humble and searching of the scriptures.
Well, enough spiritual talk, we love you and I pray that my internet will run for the next 16 months. Love you all. Mom, Sister H, and white lady........Hey Rob, what is your email?

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