Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Update

Hello family:
I wrote a letter yesterday and I saved it in a file somewhere, today I can't find it. So here goes letter #2. How was your weekend? We now have an internet device, so it might save us some money down the road. Our day has been very busy. Last week wasn't so bad, but I'm so glad we get to be busy. Time just flies some days. Yesterday was our General Conference. It was great. Of course we were late, because we thought church started at 10 am. So when we drove up, the chapel was full and conference was being played. Mud in our face! The kids were reverent, and almost to the end of the morning session, all the kids got up and quietly left the chapel. Then and branch presidency left. They went to the next building and fed the kids a snack and drink. It was so orderly and quiet. We finished watching conference, but we could hear the kids singing primary songs in the building next to us. Rather cool.  There is a new family in the branch that are new converts. The man was a leader of another church, so he has been teaching his followers about the church and now he wants the church to start a new branch with his followers. It doesn't really work like that, he needs to bring his followers to the chapel and have them see what our church is like. It's causing a disturbance in our little branch. Time will tell what happens.
We drove to Bindura on Friday to give and serve lunch to the zone up there. It is such a nice drive. We saw a field of baboons, eating stuff in the field. They were really big. I thought they looked like big goats or something. We were driving so fast we didn't get a picture. I also saw a group of African adults taking a bath, in the bottom of this washing area. I always like to look at the momma's washing and bathing their little kids. What a shock to see adults down there. Maybe I shouldn't look next time we drive by. We got home just in time to have it rain and clean off everything. When it rains it , really pours and lightning. The vegetation is getting greener and more beautiful.
Dad has put pictures in drop box. Our wildlife adventures!
Russ and Christine, we're sorry that we didn't get in touch with you too. Sure do hope and pray that you'll be safe on your travels to Pennsylvania. That is so far away, we'll have to visit when we get home. Please keep in touch with us and give us your address. Rob and Whitney, little Hailey is so stinking cute. Can't wait to see her and see how much she's grown up. Hope your job is easing up on the weekends. 
I just can't believe that there are bears in Elk Ridge. Just don't leave food in the trash cans outside. We'll have a big mess to clean up. This week is Halloween, keep the kids off our grass. Last year they were running and jumping off the rocks and just going wild.  Trying to get as much candy as possible. Lindsay I saw little Owen's full name. That is such a great tribute to my grandfather and your grandfather, to carry on the name of GUY. He'll be a wonderful man with that name. You and Curtis have got to be excited to have this little man come into  your family. You'll be great parents, remember to build a strong foundation for your family.
Dad is enjoying watching "24" again. It's like a whole new series. Age can really do something to the mind, like lose things. We are doing well. Today is a day that we get to talk with the elders and sisters, as they come in to the office to pick up mail, talk with the president and just enjoy a day off. I wish that I could give everyone a letter, some of these kids will never get a letter while they are on mission. My heart goes out to them. While the kids from the states and South Africa (white kids), get all the packages and letters. Just isn't fair!
We just want all of you to know how much we love and appreciate your prayers and letters. You are the best around. Please enjoy the beautiful fall colors and feel the cool weather. I so miss that! I need to get a picture of our home, when it snows, so I can show the Africans what my home is like. Also the mountains. We don't have mountains here. One thing we hope to do and see is Victoria Falls. We might just sneak away and take a 4 day weekend and see it. We'll have to see it, not in the rainy season, because we've heard you can't see the falls because there is so much water running over. We'll have to just do it!
We hope you're all healthy. How is cousin Lex doing? Hope you're all happy and doing well. Just think Thanksgiving is in a month. Hope you all have a place to have dinner at and with loved ones. Keep in touch and  we'll do our best to respond. Oh yes, our mission baptized 60 people over the weekend. That will keep me busy for a while getting all the records up to date before the 5th of November.
Love you all. GoGo Hermansen. (gogo is a grandmother in shona language).

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