Tuesday, November 11, 2014

White Ladies

Hello family:
Well we had a good Skype session with grandma and grandpa Chamberlain, aunt Leslie, and uncle Arlon on Sunday night. This time change is a killer for Skyping. We might have to Skype you guys at night and it will be morning on our end. Yes, Lindsay we can Skype on sunday. Tell us when!
Sounds like you will have a fun time with a lot of company this week. I wish we could be there to see every one. Let Stephanie and Shane know, we're hoping the job interview goes well. Russ, sure hope you guys are doing well. How is Temple University?  Where exactly is the apartment, in comparison to the downtown chapel in Philly. Let us in on how you're doing. Rob and Whitney, Hailey really looked cute in her Halloween outfit. Loved the ponytails and cute little face. Hope you guys are doing well also.
Last week, Sister Cook and I went to a all White Ladies craft fair. It was really something. I've never seen so many white ladies in one place, while here on mission. It was at this persons house, which has about 2 acres of the most beautiful green grass and plants. There were white tents set up, wine tasting, tea tasting, leather couches to lounge on, and catered food. It was really something. But it was fun! to just shop and see something I might really like. There were about a thousand cars parked on the road for this affair. It happens every Oct/Nov. So I'm saving up for next year. Just have to find someone to go with! I believe this event helps out a local orphanage here in Harare.
Also, I went downtown with a lady who is going to sew up some new curtains for our flat. We drove downtown and that was such a different experience. The fabric store was really nice and clean. But we had to walk from the fabric store around the corner to another fabric store. The Africans just walk out in front of cars and  weave in between cars. Here I am waiting on the corner for the light to change, while the lady that I'm with is just walking real fast across the street. The street is a street with 2 lanes on each side. It was crazy. So glad I survived that experience. Now can't wait for new, bright curtains... Before we moved here the mission painted the entire flat for us. Well, the painter, also painted the floor, the new curtains and baseboard, with drippy paint. Now we just have to figure out how to get rid of the huge spiders that linger around.
The mission office was fun today. The zone leaders and their companionships were in the office for Missionary Leadership Conference tomorrow. It's great to feel of their spirit and enthusiasm for missionary work. I saw Sister comp again. She is getting ready to head home next Tuesday. We'll all miss her.
Sunday was good also. The preacher that used to have his own congregation was there at church, with his family and about twenty other people, who were of his old congregation. They seemed to like church, and we'll see what happens next week for branch conference. Our mission president is over the branches, so he had suggested the branch have a choir. Well, the branch council will be the ward choir on Sunday. I do believe in miracles! They like to sing with their own rythmn and pitch, should be very interesting. Even Elder Hermansen sounds great with this group.
I just received about 80 new baptismal records today, just for the month of November. Also a large stack for October.  Just a lot to do, which is good!
We just pray that you're all doing well. Hope all your halloweening was fun. Lindsay you're right about the grass. I'm just a bit weird about that stuff. Please go out and roll down the hill, and tell us how it feels. (This is Lindsay, I'm not going to do that...)
The weather is really hot and sticky. I turn the air on in the office as soon as I get there. Maybe I can just sweat off the pounds. I'm just rambling on, so it must be time to sign off. We love you all and pray for all the happiness in the world for each of you. Dad and I are memorizing all the scripture mastery scriptures. Second week, so far and I can remember last weeks.
Take care, and let us know how you're all doing. Thank you Jeri and Lorraine for your letters. They really are uplifting and fun to find out about your families.  Love you all, Sister Hermansen

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