Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello Family:
Thank you for the notes and letters, I really look forward to reading everyone's little messages. Well today was Sunday at the Domboshave branch. We had a baptism this morning before Sacrament meeting. Then all the songs for church were Christmas songs. Just a little early, but our branch president said, "It's the Christmas season and we'll be singing Christmas songs". So I'm glad I practiced before we came on Mission. Then after the 3 hour block , we had a 2 1/2 hour Self-Reliance meeting. That was so hard to sit and not pass out. It has been so hot and humid here. But the push is to train the Africans that they may be poor, they don't deserve to have hand outs. They need to work for their food and do all they can to earn a living. We'll see how this works out.. No one has employment, so it's hard to have any money. It's put upon the ward council members to help out the other ward members. So during the meeting a sign up sheet was passed around the room. I thought it was just a roll, but next to your name the ward council members wrote down what type of food they liked. So when it came to Alan he wrote "tacos". I had Ieft mine blank.  After the meeting, our branch president came over and told us that he would have to call the United States and order the tacos and left that comment just like that. We got in our truck and headed back to our flat, then it occurred to us, that during the Self-Reliant meeting they had ordered out food to eat after the meeting. We were so hungry!! We didn't get any because I left my line blank and Alan wanted Tacos. Now we understand the comment by the Branch President about Tacos, and ordering them from the States. If someone would have just clued us in on the food list.... In our hunger drive home, I forgot to tell Alan that I had promised this young man a ride home. So we go into his community and immediately turned around and went back to get this young man. He got into the truck and we were headed back to this community. We came around the bend to see in front of us a large group of people and 4 ambulances, a vehicle turned on its side and a big bus. Driving was at a crawl , and we could see that everyone was looking at this accident. I can't help but think that we were inspired at that moment to turn around and go back to get that young man. We pray for safety all the time, but he really does look out for us. This area is a shopping area and people are always jaywalking and cars going fast. I'm just so glad we turned around!
This week should be interesting, our mission President and wife are going to South Africa Johannesburg, for a mission presidents seminar. I just pray that no one gets sick or injured, no car accidents, no one runs away from the mission or any thing like that! I don't even know where the hospital or doctors offices are at. We can handle the calls from the missionaries about no water, no electricity, and no money on their allotment cards, but the other stuff could be rather interesting. I do know where the Advil is and the malaria pills and band-aids.
We received our new curtains. They are too short for the windows. I could fix them, if I had a sewing machine, but I'm not sure what to do about them, open for suggestions!
This afternoon we had rain, hail, lightening, and thunder. So thankful for the rain. Our borehole was getting very low and we've been trying to conserve our water usage. Now we can flush the toilets and do our wash.
Oh, yes, I noticed that this weeks Church News was about Africa. Please someone save that addition. I recognize people in the pictures. Especially the little girl with the beads and braids in her hair. After the meeting she came up to me in the parking lot and grabbed my hand and then she gave me a green vine garland. She is so cute!
Our missionaries are doing well and so are we. Last week was difficult, President had to send home 3 missionaries. Just wish they would be obedient! I do wish Alan would write some time. He sees the mission in a different light than I do. I guess you could say that he's more "Upbeat and Positive". That's just Alan! Sure hope Lowell and Juanita you're doing well. Wish we could be there to help you out.
Lindsay, Ayanda's mother is coming in December to Utah. She is coming for Ayanda's graduation from BYU-I. It's so fun talking with her, she is such a neat lady. She is coming with another lady who works in the same office building as we do.  They'll be in the states for a month!  Maybe you'll get a call from her.  She's just great.
Yesterday we had a baptism at the branch.  A really sharp young man was baptized, he has a strong understanding of the gospel. The 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency gave the closing prayer.  In his prayer he prayed that the Lord would humble the members. I was humbled and ashamed, because they are so humble and they have hardly anything to speak of.  The prayer was probably directed to Elder H and myself.
Well sure hope you are all doing well. Lorraine have fun with your Ping-Pong table. Sounds like you'll be having a great Thanksgiving in your new home. Rob and Whitney, it was fun talking with you two the other night. Wish we could give Hailey a zillion kisses. Lindsay, tell Todd your father in law, to give us a chance with little Owen when we get home. I'm already worried that he will only love his grandpa Todd.... Russ and Christine, keep us posted about your new experiences back in Philly.  We are sorry to hear about Brother Richard Russell from our Santee Stake. Send our love to his family. We love to hear from you all. Take care and you're in our prayers and thoughts.  

Love always, 
Elder and Sister Hermansen.

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