Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Hello family.
I guess I should write my weekly letter, since the week is half over. I've just been really busy. We've had transfers, new missionaries, and sister's conference in the last 2 days. President Cook also put me in charge of the transfer sheet. That is stressful, It has to be perfect and I struggle with getting it right. so my brain has been mush for the last several nights, pure oatmeal mussh!!!.
Lindsay so glad you've had a fun time at your baby shower. Wish we could have been there to enjoy it with you and everyone else.
We are doing well. Dad is busy meeting with the water department lady in downtown Harare, going to the bank, buying more phones for the missionaries because they are getting stolen and broken. So he's been really busy all day, every day.  I think I've come to the conclusion that I really annoy my mission president. I'm the first to admit, I'm no secretary...Hope he doesn't send me home because of lack of knowledge, or worse, send me to the "Bush" area. That would be death....
Our little branch had a good branch conference. Just need to get people to pay their tithing and come to church and it will be a ward soon. I lost my table that placed the key board for sacrament meeting. They gave me a chair to set the keyboard on. That was a challenge on Sunday, but it all sounded great. The Lord did provide a miracle on Sunday.
How are you all doing? Lorraine how long are you in Kanab? Is this a week that Greg is gone? Jeri how are you doing? Any more drives up Johnson Canyon? Mom still waiting for the package. Maybe by Christmas, or if it was good we'll never see it and some one in customs is liking it now.
Last week there were 3 Elders sent home. That is sad to see, and see the look on their faces. But we did receive 4 new missionaries this week, and that will help the mission and put us at 200 missionaries again. Sister Comp returned home today. We will all miss her. She was a great missionary. We look forward to skyping with rob and whit this weekend. With the time change now it's a 10 hour difference with family in California. We should Skype early in the morning our time, and it's night time on the west coast. Rob, write when you'll be home and tell us. Russ and Christine are doing well. We talked with them on Sunday. Happy and relieved that they made it safe to Philly.
Thank you Dad and Lowell for serving in the military. We appreciate the freedoms that you've fought for. We have certainly missed having those freedoms in our lives. We are truly blessed in America, and I'm so grateful for that tender mercy. Also for my husband who served in the Air Force and National Guard.
We are fine and I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and our desires and needs. It's hard to eat some "humble pie", when you're an adult, but it helps us grow and hopefully keep moving forward in life.
Thanks for all of you. We love you and love your letters. My brain has turned to mush again, better end. Take care and we'll write sooner.
Love mom

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