Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apostle Weekend

Hello family:
Wow, what a weekend. I can only say that the church is true, Jesus Christ is at the head of His church on the earth. We have a living prophet and church leaders are called from God. Now some of the things that we were able to experience this weekend. Friday night the missionaries held a light dinner before meeting with Elder Quinten L. Cook. Every thing was going well, until an office elder called and said that he'd just wrecked the mission van. Then he received another call and a truck clutch went out. So we had elders stranded and broken down vehicles all over the city. We were late with the food. But the Lord provided a way for the elders and sisters to make it to the church building, have their dinner and listen to a prophet's voice.
What a great, sweet feeling of love appeared into the chapel as we waited for Elder Cook. He was presiding at the meeting. Mission President Cook stood up to start the meeting and Elder Cook said, that he wanted each of us to look into his eyes and that would be the interview. Row, by row the missionaries stood to shake hands with him, his wife, Elder and Sister Carl B Cook, of the Africa Southeast Area Presidency. The faces on the elders were priceless, as they returned to their seat. There were thumbs ups, and huge smiles. They have had such a once in a life time experience. Elder Hermansen and I were the last ones to shake hands. Elder Cook, stopped us and talked briefly and asked where we were from and we told him, then he said that we would be blessed for our service. Wow, what a great experience. The talks were very heart felt, and I 'm glad I wrote them down in my journal. I know the Lord knows each of us personally, he loves us and desires us to be happy.  The meeting was memorable, and the missionaries all returned to their homes or to the transfer house safely.
The next morning on Saturday, I was assigned to pick up two sisters at the Holliday Inn and take them to the Women's conference. These women were wives of branch presidents, so I had not met them before. One husband said, how will my wife know you. I said, that I would have my missionary tag, and I would be the only white missionary. He just laughed. These two sisters were so beautiful and sweet.  They were so grateful to see me, with big smiles and hugs. We had an enlightening experience at the women's conference. It took a lot of money for these sisters to come to this church building. They rode in comvee's or walked. Most women don't drive and they don't have cars. they loved to just linger at the building after the 2 hour meeting. So priceless to see their culture, and see how different it is from ours. Some were dressed in the traditional African dress and head dress, while others dressed in a normal dress. All were there to listen to Elder Cooks wife and see the other general authority wives. There were Bishop Stevenson's wife, Elder Clayton's wife, Elder Cook's wife, President Cook's wife, Area Authority Cook's wife. A meeting of instruction on how to have home evening, make music a daily part of gospel learning, how important your spouse is, and how to invite the Holy Ghost into your home. It was awesome and humbling to see these African sisters of faith coming to this meeting.
 This morning we had the privilege to drive Area Authority 70, Carl B. Cook and wife up to a district conference. What a wonderful experience. We learned a lot about the calling of a 70, his family, his service in the church and we witnessed how inspiration is received to members of the church. Elder Cook told us a story about his first area meeting and President Packard was presiding at the meeting. Let's just say, that these men are inspired in what to say, at each meeting.
We were late getting them back to Harare, they missed their scheduled lunch, and went directly to a meeting for the youth of the church. It was held next to the mission office, so we stayed and listened to that meeting. Elder Clayton and his wife were there and we were able to meet them also. I just know I need to repent a lot before my time is up on this earth, to be in the Lord's presence will be soul searching. This weekend has been a very uplifting experience. There have been many prayers answered, and miracles have been witnessed.
We are doing fine, back to work in the morning. Just a few items of discussion for our Monday morning meeting. Like will the elders be able to drive any more? It should be interesting.
We sure love you guys. I'm going to stay on my mission and complete it. I know that there wasn't a mistake by sending us to Africa, we need to be here for a big reason.
No temple was announced, just messages of be a faithful tithing payer, prepare to serve a mission, be self-reliant in every thing you do.
  Hopefully we can get our internet hooked up this week and we'll be able to send pictures. we love you all.
Grandma Chamberlain, you are on Facebook, that is awesome...... Take care and our prayers are with you all.
Love MOM

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