Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hello family.
Today was really spiritual. We had a zone conference and I was able to listen to almost all the talks. President Cook talked about the restoration and Joseph Smith. He told us about a man named Solomon Chamberlain, who lived in upstate New York. Are we related to this man. He said that he was a man that sent himself out on a mission before he knew about the church, he went around teaching that Jesus Christ would send a church on the earth. He met Hyrum Smith and Solomon asked him, if he believed in visions. WEll, Hyrum didn't know if he were someone who might harm the Smith's , but he said yes and invited him to meet Joseph Smith. He joined the church!
One of the assistants, who is from Uganda, talked about how he grew up on farms. He said that if we are not obedient, then satan will plant small seed into our lives ( like weeds) and they can choke off the garden( our spiritual growth). We need to be obedient in all things.
We found out that a man from our Domboshava branch died today. He has been very ill, but it was sad to here about him. Most people die from Aids, or  something related to Aids. Tomorrow is the funeral out in the bush. I would like to go, just to see what a funeral is like. We taught him in our temple prep class, and he really had a strong desire to some day go to the temple and be sealed to his wife. His wife died last June. So between them they had 3 children. I believe that our mission president would like to sponsor the teenagers and have them come to the united states. They are so bright and now they have no one to look after them.
It's turning winter, and it's getting colder. But it is also raining a lot! totally different from last year when we arrived.
WE saw pictures of the wicked wind and storm that has hit Utah. I do hope you are all doing well. yes, Lindsay see if Chad can help out with the sprinkler problem. Did the snow come to southern Utah?
WE are speaking in a different branch this coming Sunday. Should be interesting, but the branch is really growing in numbers.
 Are you all healthy and fine? Alan's uncle Wayne had a heart attack, we hope he is doing well. How is uncle Jon and cousin Lex? Our prayers and thoughts are with them.
Ok, I have to admit, we have been watching the show "Downton Abbey". We are hooked. Elder A has been calling me, my lady. If you don't know what we are talking about, just watch the show.
We get to watch conference next Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th. Our power is out yet again. WE';ve spent a lot in generator gas lately, but very grateful for that generator. Mugabe must be in town. I do believe that he just tries to make people suffer.
So grateful to be associated with the missionaries that serve here in Zimbabwe. They truly are special missionaries.
I believe that I've caught up on my letter writing. Keep safe, and I do hope that not all the fruit trees were damaged in the latest storm. wE love you all and keep you in our prayers and thoughts.
Love Joy and Alan
Please send grand children pictures!!!!!

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