Thursday, April 23, 2015

slow week 4/23/15

Hello Family,
Like I said, this has been a slow couple of days. Sure there is work today, but I'm just not motivated. All the office elders and the Cooks are in Bulawayo and Gweru for Zone Conferences. So Elder A and myself have been keeping the "fort down". We had an experience last Sunday when we went to attend church in Chegutu. WE arrived early and thought we could remember where they met, but ended up getting confused and lost. So we called the elders and asked if they would find us at the stop light (it's called a robot here). We made a u turn waiting for the Elders and we hadn't been there a minute, and we got a huge spike strip but under our back tires. There were 3 men, saying they were the police and that we were parking in a no parking zone. That's a laugh because there are no such signs in the entire country. They were not going to let us go, or even reduce the fine of $35.oo. They said they needed to write us a ticket, Elder A, asked where their ticket book was and they said, back at the office. So then he asked for some identification. Only one out of the 3 could produce anything. It was very questionable, some thing from a cracker jack box. Then came the elders, and they spoke to them in Shona and still they wouldn't lower the price or just let us go. One Elder he said, "Sister Hermansen you know why you got this ticket? and then he pointed at his skin. " Yep! I know. So we paid the ticket, made it to church on time to speak. We spoke at this little branch, even before it was a branch and there were only 25 people in attendance. Last Sunday it was more than doubled. Such a great feeling to see the church grow. Elder A was asked to give the Gospel Essentials class and I gave the R.Society Lesson and then Elder A gave the Priesthood lesson. It was great to be there, even being $35.poorer.
This coming week we will be having another large transfer. We'll be having 13 new missionaries coming to the mission, so there is a lot to do. Then we have 14 going home, the same day. It should be rather confusing here on Monday and Tuesday.
We are doing well. I saw the dentist about my tooth a couple of weeks ago. He put an Iodine solution inside of the root canel. I go back on the 14th of May to see if the infection has cleared up. If it has he'll put a screw inside of the root canal and then fix my crown that he keeps drilling into.  I don't have a lot of pain, which is good. Alan should also see him in a couple of months to start his tooth implant.
We are keeping a close watch on the troubles in South Africa. It's sad what violence is taking place, especially towards the Zimbabweans that live there. But they are being forced to leave everything they've worked for behind and move back to Zimbabwe. WE had a church employee today, who needed to visit the embassy here in Zimbabwe to get his visa renewed so he can go back to South Africa and work in the area church office. South Africa is kicking everyone out. So Mozambique had a gold mine and workers from South Africa were working in it, they were asked to leave and they wouldn't so the country of Mozambique burned down the gold mine, so they wouldn't have a job!!
I keep our truck full of fuel just in case we ever have to leave, but it doesn't involve Americans, so don't worry about us.
We do hope your all doing well, and are healthy. Did spring ever come back to Utah? We went to the theatre last Saturday. It was Independence day here in Zimbabwe. We were told that the branch wasn't going to have any baptisms, but they did. So decided to go out. We saw the new movie Cinderella. It was really good. The theatre was so clean and new. I just couldn't believe it. I think the  country is trying to improve it's image. They have now painted lines on the road! Only a few major roads. Also the standing light poles have been painted, and some of the lights have been fixed. In  the richest neighborhoods they look really nice with nice robots and lights. We know where the money is in the country.
Well, I'm rambling on, and should get started on some project, or read something. Hope your all doing well. love to see the pictures of Hailey and Owen. WRite when you can and have a great week.
Love always Elder Alan and his wife Joy

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