Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Late Mothers Day

Hello family,
I'm really off the chart with the late mother's day announcement. Some days just fly by and then a week is gone. I do hope you all had a great mother's day. Last week in church, before it ever started, our branch president told everyone that was sitting waiting for church, that today was mother's day. And that sister Hermansen was going to give everyone money! I just dropped my mouth open. He said that I had a lot of money, since I was white, and I could help everyone out!. Then he just started to laugh and said,"just kidding". But then after our sacrament meeting, he announced for all the mothers to stand, Even Sister Hermansen who is white! We have a treat for all the mothers. They had purchased large chocolate candy bars for all the mothers, and young women in the branch. I just never know what to expect when we go to church. A man in the branch had picked peas, from his garden , and gave me a huge bag of  them, and wished me a happy mother's day. To top all that off, just speaking with the kids and grandkids, made my day.
The burning of the corn fields have started. IT is smoky and hazy most days now. Just an old African tradition. One thing that has really impressed me, is to see the beautiful poinsettia trees. They have been in bloom for the last month. It really is a remembrance to see, when we celebrate the birth of Christ. Of course in America it is at Christmas in December, but I do believe that he really was born in April. Just makes sense.
Lorraine, I love the pictures at your recital. You are doing a great work. You'll be loved forever by these women.
I'm so sorry to hear about Leslie's mother. I really liked her, a great sense of humor, like Leslie. I do hope the family is doing well.
Last week we had another family get baptized into the church. The mama was just beaming. She was so happy, and to have her oldest son and her husband baptized also. Last Saturday we had our first ever, Mission Branches Auxiliary training meeting. It was great. We had over 100 members there and they really made a great sacrifice to attend. My class was with the Relief Society. Some of the women have such great knowledge of the gospel, where there are some who are struggling. I do believe that we should be teaching English to most of the women. They don't read English, so that is a struggle when it comes to reading the church handbooks. I have really come to love these women of Africa. They are dedicated and so they are teaching their children the correct paths. they  still have their tribal customs which are confusing to understand. They just don't make any sense at all. So for lunch I had ordered 120 sack lunches from this church member, who does catering. The lunch was going great, I went back into the cultural hall to grab a sandwich, and thy were all gone. If there is any extra, they are gone!!!! Oh, well I heard they were great.
Now on the 28th and 29th of May, we will be having Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the first quorum of Seventy, Presidency. So another large zone conference and a dinner to worry over. All the couples are invited to attend a dinner with them and the Cooks at the mission home. A lot of things going on before our president leaves on the 1st of July.
I went to the dentist yesterday. My root cannel that I had in Utah, before our mission, is getting really expensive. Yesterday I could see that the infection at the top of the root now has gone down in size. So the dentist has packed the empty root cannel with sharp things. I'm not sure what is up in there, put they tend to make my gums hurt. He'll leave all this stuff in until the first week in July(after his vacation ). Then he will take all the sticks and needles out, and put in a screw. He said that the bone structure will detriate if it's not supported well. So much for having good teeth on a mission. But in the states, to have this done would cost a couple of thousand. Maybe one good thing about Africa. Did I tell you about where my dentist lives. You drive down ChurchHill drive, to Normandy, to Dunkirk Lane. Sounds rather familiar. The dentist is from Croatia! Go figure.
I come to the conclusion , that my mission is centered around meeting people and not seeing the landscape of Africa. We have a problem with not having church material to hand out, even in the distribution center that is down the hall of our building. There was a man from Zambia this week looking for Books of Mormons. He said that he was truck driver and the church members in Zambia can't get Book of Mormons either.
There was one of the grounds gardeners, who came running into the building late one afternoon, looking for money. His wife who is  6 months pregnant, had fallen and was bleeding. He needed $50. to rent an ambulance to take her to the doctor and he was asking everyone for some money. He said the next day that she will be alright and thanked us for helping him out.
We do have some great news in the mission, come October transfer, 2 U.S. missionaries will be coming to the mission. One from Ogden and one from Alpine. I just can't wait to see their first take on Zimbabwe. In October that will bring our U.S.count up to 9 people.
I guess, you've heard that the empty lot that is across from us in Elk Ridge is for sale!!! That is really depressing. there goes our view, we might as well put our home up for sale and move to downtown SLC. At least there, no one has a view of anything.
I'm glad that it is raining in the Western States. You certainly need it.
I went to an all girls private school today, to pick up some paper work for the new mission presidents daughter, who will be attending there. It was one nice school! Sure it was old, but the buildings were well kept, and the athletic fields were just  perfect. Now I'm excited to meet this little 13 year old, and her parents. Dad I'm glad your hay is coming up, sure hope you have a great crop this year.
We are very grateful for you all. Everyday I think about you and hope you're doing well. We just are "hanging out" haha, here. WE are really just waiting for the power to go off, so we can get that out of the way for the day. Elder A. has had a hard week, dealing with church members here in Africa. they don't understand the most common business ethics. I just have to tell myself that the church is true! I was so grateful to have Sister Cook back from South Africa. Last week was slow and boring. this week we had a lot to catch up on! It is sad that she is so excited to go home, and we'll be here still working.
Take good care of each other, and we love you always and we pray for you all.
Love Elder A and Sister H.

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