Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello Family

Hello family.
I'm getting on my soap box, to say how grateful I am for our country. Just to be able to drive down the road and not be stopped every 5 miles by a police stop, or to have sidewalks and garbage cans. I'm just so missing these things. Our mission office activities are going well. ON Tuesday we have another large transfer with new missionaries coming in and  10 going home. That will be a busy day. Just praying that everyone will get their right flights and then that makes me happy.
Our power here has been really crazy lately. Last week we had 3 days with no power. Then on Monday Sister Cook read me this message on her face book, from a man that knows all in Zimbabwe. It said that now until the end of July the power will be out for 16 hours a day. WEll it has started! Our generator is chugging along. Now we tried to have hot water, and there is something wrong with the geizer, or hot water tank. I think I'll just go to bed!
Our maid came to day, but I had to send her home, because we didn't have power and water, so she couldn't clean or iron. I felt bad all day, because she came a long way to do her job. I haven't had her for two weeks in a row, because of the power outages. She just wanted to hang out at our flat and wait for the power to come on, but I told her no and gave her money for the buses to go back home. She only has us and the Cooks, for income. I'm not sure how they will survive. Some days I just wish that these people could get a truck full of food and money and then they'd be ok.
Last Sunday, for our fifth lesson. Our branch president spoke about food storage. He said that the branch members could hide there food in a cave, or dig a hole outside and  cover it and store it. Also he said that they should save their coins!!!. BEcause times are going to get tough again. My heart aches for how poor they are. Then today at the office, the cleaning lady that cleans the  missionaries transfer house, came and was begging for a propane stove at the transfer house.She said that she had to move out of her house because her husband is abusive and she is on her own now. WE just can't give things like that away. wE have to watch out for the missionaries first. We';ll have to talk with her about seeing her bishop and getting assistance first.
I do hope your all doing well, sorry about my venting. I might just go home with the Cooks, This will be a test of all tests to stay here.
Oh, one more vent. The ATM machine declined my debit card! It wasn't compatible, What does that mean? Does that mean that it could tell that I'm white and someone behind the machine was just laughing at my frustrations. The teller just said that I have to try other machines. Great! Only Elder A has a card that works.
I do have to count my blessings. The missionaries in this mission don't have washing machines, hot water, or water for days on end. they don't have heat in their flats( no one does). and they have no power for weeks at all. But they don't complain like me, and they do their calling. I so admire them, they are good and strong.
I do hope that you're all doing well. We sure miss you and pray for you always. There is another bright light. ON Saturday there will be six baptisms at the branch. That will brighten my day. Oh yes, we went shoe shopping last Saturday. Just running shoes, are 150.00 and up. I do believe that i'll be keeping my uncomfortable shoes for the next little while. Most of the white's here make good money, so they can buy expensive things. I have heard that there is a "black Mall" downtown with cheaper items. I would go, but I'd be a little out of my league.
The gospel is true, so very thankful for it. Love you all and please take care.
Love always

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