Monday, August 24, 2015


Hey all,
Another Sunday down, and it's been a very busy one. I was assigned to give a talk in both Branches today, on different topics. Then for Relief Society, they asked me to give the lesson, about the blessings of the temple. My brain is fried!!! It really wasn't that bad. Church doesn't start on time and we have so many who need to be confirmed that there isn't much time for talks, and we make a point to end on time.
How was your Sunday? I have to tell you about our activity yesterday. The office elders invited us to play at the paint ball course with them. It was so much fun! I first was very nervous about trying to shoot someone, but that fear soon left when one of the assistants nailed me on the shoulder. I got him back on the neck. It definitely isn't the most Christ like activity to participate in. We did attend to the branches baptisms yesterday, which is always most inspiring. There was a man that was baptized, who is so clear in his speech, and must really study the gospel. He's smart and has a desire to embrace the gospel with everything he has. We also witnessed a wedding at the chapel yesterday before the baptisms. I wish I could understand Shona, because it would have been an entertaining wedding. Just way to much laughter.
Lorraine I can just envision the potato fields  and wheat fields in Idaho. That state is really beautiful.
My ear is still plugged and it's quite annoying. I can hear somewhat when someone is talking to me if there is no other noise. But as soon as there is any other noise I'm lost. I do hope it will just happen some morning  that I can wake up and hear normally again. Maybe this is a trial that I must endure, joyfully.
I do hope you all have a wonderful 24th of July celebration, where ever you are. Dad I hope you the best birthday in the world. I would love to see the cake with 90 candles on it!!!!
We are having a transfer on Monday and Tuesday. We are going to send home some wonderful missionaries. They have served with all their heart!!! WE have four new missionaries coming into the mission on Tuesday. They are from South, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. It is a happy day when they all get on the plane together and arrive in a group.... Our mission President is doing well. His wife and daughter are adjusting and they will be a great help to the mission and all of Zimbabwe. Things are run differently, so I've had to make some adjustments. With time I might get everything down the way he would like it run.
Things that happened last week: We went to the bank and they had no 20 dollar bills and 10 dollar bills. The money they did give us is so dirty. Infact I laminated a 2 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill, to show you just how dirty the money is here. May debt card has stopped working, the atm machine says that my car is"unsuitable". I just hope that Elder A's card doesn't stop working, or else we'll be coming home real soon if that happens. Just a few differences here is Zimbabwe.
I just want you all to know that you are all so loved by us! We pray that you're all doing well and your healthy and happy. I've really realized how grateful I am for our family. You bless our lives so much. We love you always,
Love Elder A and Sister J.

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