Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Pioneer Day

 Hello Family,
We'll I've seen some wonderful pictures of picnics and parades and birthday parties. I'm sure you all had a wonderful 24th of July. Dad, again , Happy Birthday. You look like you could run around the farm. Everyone looks so good and happy. We are doing well. Not much has happened this week. WE did receive four great missionaries into the mission, and 7 outgoing missionaries are very happy to be home with their families. It's like heaven people are coming and going all the time and it's always happy and sad moments when that happens.
 Today our mission president instructed the branch D1, to have everyone be instructed in the handbook for their callings. So I've been called to give instruction on Relief Society leadership, next Saturday. Every one needs to know their responsibility in the church. I do have a testimony of  that. Then if someone has a question, we can just say read your handbook, or look it up in the handbook. This should be an exciting meeting. We walked into our little chapel/house, today and they had put up these curtains along one end of the building. It  looks like a funeral home. They love them and that's what counts.
I attended Young Women's today in D2. The Y.W's president has this little girl, who got into the Vaseline jar during the lesion. She was glowing with Vaseline and then she started rubbing it on her mother's knees. She is so cute. She calls me Gramy. I can handle that name.
This week I took the mission president's wife to the Chinese Mall(Wal-mart) to show her what it was like. On the way, I got a 20.00 ticket. I came to a complete stop, but I still got pulled over. The officer, a woman, said that I didn't come to a complete stop. WE both said that I did, but the more we tried to fight against it, the madder the officer became. I just stayed quite, handed her 20. 00 dollars and said that I will be more attentive next time! I just wanted to scream!!!! The police are so dishonest, they should try to get the people who drive down residential streets at 95km. Oh, they can't there are only 3 police cars in the entire city!!! I'll get over it.
Hopefully this week , our mission president will be getting his counselors set apart, then he'll be able to spread out his responsibilities.
Alan and I will be the only missionaries in the office for Wednesday thru Friday. I don't like days like that, they go so slow.
This week we did "house cleaning " at the mission office. Unloaded 2 truck loads of stuff out of the back storage room. The office is getting a new look, infact the entire building will be. I'll send pictures when it's all done.
the mission had another car accident. I just can't believe how the missionaries are just driving these vehicles into the ground. One car just died! on the road and they had to tow it back to the mission office. Sad thing when cars are towed back to the mission office, someone comes and steals the batteries out of the cars.
Last Monday before home evening, I went out to get the clothes out of the dryer, and there was the biggest spider ever!! I had to take a picture of it. Then Elder A tried to kill it with the broom. It just wouldn't die! Finally after 4 whacks, it came a part. It was hairy, and huge!
I'm very cautious when ever I go out side, or even into the next room. I always look for spiders on the walls or ceilings.
My 40th class reunion is on September 5th. I sure wanted to attend this one, but maybe another time. It's been nice writing to the class members on  face book, and getting caught up with them.
I sure hope you're all doing well. I love to hear from you and hear what your families are doing. WE talked with Russ and Christine yesterday. It was great to see you two. Praying that you'll get a job out west!!! Love the pictures of Hailey and Owen. The cutest grandkids I could ever ask for! (just more of them).
Take care and know that we pray for you all and love you always.
Love Elder A and Sister H.

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