Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6 Months!!

Hello family.
I thought I would publish a 6 month  letter. This is hard to do! I'm not one to stick to something until it's done! But I think I'll do this one, until it's finished. Last week for church , we had 12 confirmations. It took a long time, so Elder A didn't have long to give his talk. We had 2 other speakers also. we had another record church attendance, 223. The little building is bulging, with people. Some people arrive so early just to get a seat. It is so awesome to see. There were over 50 sisters to Relief Society and twenty babies. IT was so packed and stuffy. There were 14 investigators to the class. WE have a sister in the branch, Sister David", she is the best missionary. She talks and invites everyone to church and they come. Our branch president doesn't want her to come any more. HE says that someone needs to tell her to STOP, being the best member missionary ever!!!.
Our mission branch, just added another branch to the list. Infact at the split of the branch, there was a young 16 year old priest, who wanted to sacrifice all that he had, to see the new branch being formed. He road his bike 45 kilometers to attend the new branch splitting. I'm not sure I've even walked down the hill to church, in Elk Ridge. I'm sure I could walk down, it's the walking back up that would kill me. Another stake had 36 new convert baptism on last Saturday. Now I really have a lot of convert records to get into the system by Saturday.
This week has been busy,busy is very good. It finally rained a little today. The humidity was so thick and mucky. I love it when we get rain, the air cools down and is bearable.
I don't have Russ and Christine's address, but here is Rob and Whitney's. : 16408 Grizzly Drive, P. O. Box 6093, Pine Mountain Club, CA.   93222, phone is 661  - 340 - 7785. Russ' phone is 801 830 5285.
Last Saturday was the Mission Branch Presidents meeting. One of the counselors in the mission presidency, President Chesa. He gave me a great lesson. He told me that people are taking advantage of me, because I'm white. I was shocked. HE said that I should never pay the price for anything that people ask, and I should negotiate a price. I'm not one for negotiating on prices. So he told me that he would book all the hotels, and dinners, if I would call him. He said he would get a better deal , than me. I was some what crushed. I try my best with the church money. I have to remember to tell myself, that the money is someone elses and I need to do my best.
Lorraine you asked me about the mission branches. There are 6 of them. They are under the Zimbabwe Harare Mission unit. So since they aren't apart of a stake , our mission president is there Stake president. So we schedule all the mission calls, provide all the transportation, order their materials, help them do their branch conferences, and visit them on  Sunday's. Then the 2 Districts, and there are 6 branches in each district. So they are under the mission also. I get a headache just thinking about all the stuff that goes on. Elder A, has to make sure they are all funded and all the missionaires are getting their allotment money. That is a headache also. The money is never allotted on the day it should be and people here always live day to day. Never save money.
I sent in another referral today, to the assistants. It's so rewarding when someone comes up to you and asks you about your church, and they want to know more and even have the missionaries come to their home and teach them.
We are doing well, and we are so grateful for your love and support. The Lord has blessed us with so many tender mercies, we are so every indebted to him. A big group going home on this coming Tuesday, and then on the 17th of March. Life here will be interesting. Our new mission president comes on July 1st. This will be interesting, because there will be 3 elders who are white and all the rest will be Africans. Our mission will only have about 5 missionaries who can drive. A large car auction in August, 2015. We will have an all African mission office staff in a bout a month. Our mission president, president Cook, is trying to prepare us for this change in July. We have so much to remember and tell the new mission president. I just pray that the Lord will help us to remember everything, to tell and show him. I know I talk way to much about our mission, but that's life here.
One thing I've learned by being here, is that everyone is "grateful for the gift of Life". I can really see why they say this saying all the time. What a simple and non-stressful life, but a very hard life to live.
So I'm grateful for the gift of life also, and for all our family and friends. Take care of yourselves and be happy. We love you always.
Love Elder A and Sister H.

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