Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello Family:
Well, today Alan went to the dentist. He now has a temporary filling in one of his back teeth. He as been in pain for about 2 weeks. The dentist has found a hairline crack on his tooth. So he now has to go back in a month. I sure pray that his temporary will hold for a year. He has been is a lot of pain, but he's loved the pain killers and the antibiotics that he's been on also. You just never expect to have teeth problems in Africa. WE just pray that he'll be well. So that's what we've been dealing with for the last week and a half.
I just have to say I love my family!. WE have just loved talking to our kids and seeing their spouses and the grandkids.  You're all so beautiful and  cute. I just feel so blessed to see you and talk with you all. I sure pray that you're lives will be blessed with those things that you're all concerned about.
Last Saturday we went out to dinner with the other couples and President and Sister cook. We all had a great time. We also went to another baptism  at the branch on Saturday. Add two more members to the list. This coming Saturday will be very special at the branch. 7 are scheduled for the waters of baptism and then we'll be having the annual Valentines couples dinner. That should be really something. Our branch president stood up in R.S. and told all the single sisters, that they were invited to attend the dinner, but they would be the ones cooking and cleaning up after. I told him,he was rather harsh with his words! He said that was his way of making sure the whole branch didn't come and that they would have enough food to feed everyone! He's a dictator when it comes to deligating.
We are doing fine. Oh yes, last Friday after noon, Sister Cook took me to the  China Walmart store. It was packed with junk from China. Even the  receipt was in Chineese.  I did get two body scrubbers for a 1.oo a piece. I'm not sure If I want to go back for a while. I  think I'll go back and look for a puzzle.
Not much has been happening. The power is going off more lately since Mugabee is back in the country. Now our generator is broken so our "fix it Man" has connected us to our senior couple that lives next door. Just hope we get a generator soon and it will work right this time
How are you all doing? I do love to look at Hailey and Owen on facebook, So please send more p;ictures. Russ and Christine, now has it snowed in Philly? I keep hearing about all this snow in New England. Does it come down your way.
Today a young lady received her mission call.She opened it at the mission office.She is going to the Washington D.C South mission. She was so nervous and is not sure about leaving her country and going to the United States. The Cooks and myself were trying to really build it up nice and that she'll love it there. I know that she'll do fine. WE had one sister missionary who was to report to the Provo MTC today, but she missed her plane on Sunday. There is a break down of communication in the stakes and branches. Her Stake PResident didn't tell her about her travel plans. She's going to be a Temple square sister missionary. Those are some of the problems in the mission and country.
 Our neighbors, another senior couple, have been in two minor accidents since the first part of December, since they've been here. The last one, they ran over a dog. This dog must have been very big, because it broke the plastic on the front of their new car! To think, the church gave them a new Toyota Corolla to drive!
The church work is going well. This month is rather slow in the convert sector of the work here. I'm sure it will pick up soon. We've been praying for missionary experiences and we hope that we can share the message of Jesus Christ with some one soon.
 The first week of March is our mission tour. A general Authority will be coming. I believe that I need to get a cleaning crew in to the office and spruce it up before he comes. There is a lot of cleaning to do!!!!!
I hear that spring is in the air? Sure hope it doesn't freeze the buds and leave the trees with no fruit. Lindsay sent us some pictures of  deer eating our grass. First off, shoot the deer to save the grass!!! Not really Curtis!!!! The other couples are going this weekend to Antelope Park, in Gweru. This is where you can walk with the lions, and ride elephants and see all sorts of wild life. sSome day we'll get out of the office and go touring.
 WE have found out that the United States has stopped sending money to Zimbabwe. WE have noticed it by the way the currency is really, really dirty and old. I'm not sure what will happen when the money drys up. I've heard that they are trying to get connected to the Rand from South Africa. We'll just wait and see. When the banks don't have money, that will be a big red flag to us.
I do hope you're all doing well. Hope that every one is happy! That is so important in life to be happy. I do have a problem with that, but I think I'm doing better. WE pray for everyone all the time. WE can't wait to go to the temple when we get back, and eat Mexican food till we're sick! We enjoy your letters, we love to hear from you all. You all mean the world to us, please remember that.One thing that really impressed me last week at church. Towards the end of sacrament meeting, this young girls, maybe 12 or 14, walks into church and she's carrying a baby and then there are 2 little boys with them. I've never seen here before, but something impressed her to come and be with everyone. There is one girl named Lucia, who comes every week by herself. She sits by herself, no other family. She is the sweetest girl and has a strong testimony. The members of the branch really have a strong desire to do good and follow the teachings of our savior. Little things like that keep me going until I see something else that really is touching.
wE love you all and keep safe and be happy.
Love Sister H and Elder A.

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