Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Hello All:
How was your Valentines day? We had a most interesting day. Of course it was our Prep day and yes, we went to the branch for a baptism. There were 7 people that were baptized. The baptism was held in the afternoon at 3pm, and it was threatening to rain. The lightening was striking and thunder rolling, but no rain. WE just said a little prayer and a tender mercy was given. No rain until after the last person was officially baptized. Then it really let loose. WE had a good group to witness the baptism. After they are baptized then they are asked to bear their testimonies. They were really good, and you could feel the spirit in the room very strong. Ok, after the baptism was the couples valentines dinner. The branch had members at the church since 7am cooking food.Over an open flame outside. It was really something to see these couples all dressed in their red valentine attire. Some had walked a great distance to come for the dinner and then  turn around in a couple of hours and make the trek back to their homes. But we had a fun time. WE had about 70 people and yes there were some singles there, which I'm glad they came. They had a few talks, there are always talks at every activity. Then they brought out the food. Our plates were so piled high with African food. WE could only eat just a little it was filling and the chicken was so tough!!!!.The highlight of the night. They wanted the "white missionaries" to show how us white people kiss". I just couldn't believe it. But we did put on a great show for the branch....
 When we got home , of course the power was out,. Alan went outside to turn on the generator, and when he came back in  he was urgently calling my name. He said, Joy get something to kill a snake!!!! I couldn't think of anything in the flat. So I grabbed some golf clubs and went in to the other room. There surely was a snake on the floor!!!! It wasn't very big, but we didn't know what it was. So Hunter Al, only wanted something to cut it's head off. So I got the biggest, sharpest knife we have and gave it to him. Sure enough he whacked it's head off. Then we watched it wiggle around. I'm not sure what it was. I know it wasn't a "green mamba", because it was a light color. I didn't sleep well last night, and I won't for a long time. My question is , how did it get in to the flat? Just a little excitement in our lives.
Friday was a great day. President Cook was on travel to Bulawayo, so Sister Cook and I planned a few hours together away ffrom the office. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. WE went shopping to this shopping center. It only had African items. Then we went to lunch at the little café. IT was the best sandwich I've had in months. WE almost licked the plate, it was so good... Then we went back into the shops. Our last shop was full of some interesting things. I walked past the store clerk, and she was staring at my name tag. Then she said, " I like your church". I said, are you a member and she said no. Then I said, would you like to go to church on Sunday? and she said yes. I told here where the only church is at, that I know. and she said that she would be there.... Then I asked her if she would like to learn more about our church and she said yes! Wow, how easy is that. I did say that I would have to have her address, name and phone number and she wrote it out. What a blessing to have that experience. I just have to follow up with the missionaries to see if someone has contacted her. Last week our mission president promised us , that if we would pray for opportunites for missionaries experiences, that we would have them. I know that I'll keep praying for these experiences.
Elder A's tooth is still giving him grief. Looks like he'll be having a tooth pulled. We just wish we could go to South Africa to have it done. We are doing well, and keeping safe. WE love you all. It's a funny thing. WE see so many people here, always walking. Some are walking out in the fields, others walking next to the roads. The thought accured to me today as we were coming from church, that all these people need to hear the gospel message. That is so over whelming, but it has to happen in this life. Then the comment of "hastening the work", and our missionaries are working as hard as they possibly can. Just not enough hours in a day, and few to many  missionaries. Just encourage you all to invite and share the gospel with friends and neighbors.It's ok if they say no, at least they have been given the opportunity.
Well, it's time for bed. We love you all and hope your healthy and happy. Remember we love you and we love those cute little grandkids. Prays always and with each other. Love Sister H and Elder A.

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