Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello Family,
Wow, where did the week go! We are busy as always. I just noticed that this coming week will mark our 6 month celebration. Yeah!!! We've asked the elders what they do in the mission to celebrate 6 month occasions. They do not burn any clothing, but instead give something away to a member. So on the 28th I'll give something away to someone. My goal is to have an empty suite case when I leave, but fill it with African junk.
 Last Friday on our way back from the Zone Conference in Bindura, we saw something really interesting. These men came out of the tall corn fields. The first one had a head dress on made out of big leaves. It covered his entire head and down his chest. NO skin was showing at all. Each man carried a spear with a colored flag at the top. Then they were dressed in different colors of burlap material. IT was so cool, to see. Elder A was driving to fast to stop, but he did slow down a little because it  was so unusual. WE had a branch president with us in the truck and he said they were from the country of Malawi, and they were dressed up because of a funeral. They come and  cast out the evil spirits. Then a little further down the road. we saw so many cute girls on their way home from school. All dressed in their school uniforms. So happy and enjoying the simple life. There was one girl all by herself, probably a teenager. She had her uniform on and walking so perfectly. WE noticed that she had no shoes, but we did see that the shoes were on top of her head.
 Everything was green and just beautiful. The corn is growing , every where, the fields have crops in them and the foliage is just heavenly. It's just in Africa! It has rained a lot so that's why it's all green.
 The branch we attend to is having a huge baptism on Saturday. 14 are going to be baptized on Saturday. They are families joining the church. We had 215 people to church on Sunday. It is something to see, all these people wanting to come to church and meet with the missionaries. I do wish we could witness the baptisms , but this Saturday there are meetings our Mission President has asked that we attend, and I have to provide a lunch for everyone there.
I can't wait for this Thursday morning at 8:00 am. I'm getting my hair cut. it's so humid and my hair is so wild and thick and gray. Talk about a life changing experience!!!
Thank you for the letters, they mean a lot to us. WE appreciate the time you talk to write and think about us.
We hope that you're all doing well and we do love each of you. Oh yes, one of the mission branches is going to split. So now we have 6 mission branches we have to be over and support. Talk about Hastening the Work. Our mission presidents wife mentioned to me today that she has only 5 months left. She let me borrow some puzzles to put together. Now I have a dead line to keep. She wants to return with them in July. I did put a puzzle together, it took me 2.5 months. Our lighting is really poor in our flat, and I only got a few pieces each night. But it's over and now onto something else.
Sure hope Utah gets some more moisture, I would hate to ration water on our lawn this coming year. wE pray that you're all well and would love to hear from you. Have a great week.
Love always ,
Joy and Alan

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